Winner of the 2023 Infographic Competition Announced!

Evan Clementino, who has just graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University’s BBA program, is the winner of the inaugural Finances of the Nation Infographic competition.  The competition, also sponsored by the Laurier Economics Department, challenged undergraduate students to develop an Infographic that helps talk about an issue in Canadian public policy, preferably with a public finance data focus.  Evan’s project, which stemmed from a public economics class, focused on how social support expenditures in Alberta change with economic downturns, and in particular during the COVID pandemic.

In his spare time in between full-time study, and, since graduating, full-time work, Evan is continuing to develop his public communication skills on economics and business issues through a substack on personal finance, where he posts short reads on practical personal finance. Some of his latest pieces include approaches to saving successfully , and why repaying zero-interest student debt doesn’t make sense in a high inflation environment.