Finances of the Nation Research Seminar

Finances of the Nation hosts regular seminars focusing on Canadian policy issues. For inquiries about the seminar series, please email us. Register here to receive a weekly notification with the seminar link.

Upcoming seminars

To be announced.

Past seminars

September 30, 2021Caitlin Gorback, NBERGlobal Capital and Local Assets: House Prices, Quantities, and Elasticities
October 21, 2021Audra Bowlus, Western UniversityFour Decades of Canadian Earnings Inequality and Dynamics across Workers and Firms
November 4, 2021Stefan Staubli, University of CalgaryThe Long-Run Impact of Early Retirement Programs: Evidence from Canadian Pension Reforms
November 11, 2021Benoit Dostie, HECEmployer Policies and the Immigrant-Native Earnings Gap
November 18, 2021Kevin Milligan, University of British ColumbiaHow Progressive is the Canadian Personal Income Tax? A Buffett Curve Analysis
December 2, 2021David Green & Jeff Hicks, University of British ColumbiaResilient Mothers: The Effect of Reducing Welfare Access on Maternal Health, Employment, and Children’s Outcomes