Finances of the Nation launches expert analysis series on federal election

This week, Finances of the Nation has launched a series of commentaries offering non-partisan assessments from academic experts on the public finance issues in the Sept. 20 federal election campaign.

The first three deal with which party has the best plan for getting Canadians back to work, as well as assessments of Conservative Party proposals on health transfers to the provinces, and a proposed GST tax break for consumers in December.

The articles can be found here:

Future articles in the series will cover additional topics such as parties’ proposals on child-care policy, housing policy, business subsidies, as well as the broader fiscal position of the federal government in the wake of the pandemic.

Finances of the Nation is a new organization of Canadian economists, in partnership with the Canadian Tax Foundation. We seek to provide accessible, relevant and non-partisan analysis of taxation and government spending in Canada. Our commentaries and our data are released on the CC-BY licence, and can be cited in other publications with suitable credit.

Our co-founders are also available for comment or other media inquiries.

Michael Smart
Trevor Tombe
Ken McKenzie

About Michael Smart

Michael Smart is an economics professor at the University of Toronto and co-director of Finances of the Nation.